International blogs, eens een keer wat anders .....

On swap-bot there is also attention for blogging, and personally I always like to discover new blogs, so that is why I started a "blog about my blog"-swap in order to widen my view and once read and search beyond my standard crafty blogs.

so.... this is what I learned .... in international blogging world.....

Helenkosings from Huntsville in USA has so nice descriptive PICTURES on her blog, about her moods, about what she sees. So much of the pictures I saw the past week really made me laugh and also made me wonder what has been behind when the picture was taken.... so if you are up for some visual pleasure I would have a look too.

Coleen lives in the Ukraine, and she is into VINTAGE. I have followed Coleen for a few weeks now and she has such a wide variery of posts on her blog, from zentangles, to tutorials to vintage finds. I really enjoy having a look here as well as on her facebook page which is packed with crafty tutorials.

Pisceanmama from Nashville in USA writes about a lot of different things, but what I find a very interesting initiative is READING 100 BOOKS in 1 YEAR. I find this amazing and have no clue how I would manage to do that, but it is so nice initiative and it gives a good review of books which I might put on my reading list for the next holiday (that is the only time I tend to read ;-) )

Jessica from Lake Elsinore (also in the USA) has a blog called My scrappy corner..... and yes.... you guessed it allready, she loves to SCRAP. A hobby I personally have never tried yet, but she explains very well how she starts making lay outs and has good pictures of the wide variety of results.

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  1. Altijd leuk om nieuwe blogs te ontdekken!

  2. De bovenste is erg leuk haha!!!! De anderen moet ik nog gaan bekijken!! Leuk idee!!

  3. Nice job Bobbeez. Thanks for writing about my blog. You did a great job on all of them. It makes interesting reading.
    Cheers, Coleen

    BTW, my facebook page can be found by entering vintageterrace2 in the search box.

  4. I blogged about you today.